Supporting People & The Planet

Supporting People & The Planet

If you're buying coffee from our website, café or other stockists, rest assured that all our packaging is carbon neutral, and widely recyclable.

We're also stocked at several refill shops - including Greener Habits in Walthamstow and The Refill Barn in North Essex. And are doing our bit with our wholesale customers too - supplying beans in reusable buckets and crates to save on packaging.


All of our coffee is ethically sourced through a partnership of importers, working directly with farmers. Here's a little more about how they're supporting coffee growing communities around the world:

Caravela - a B-Corp importing coffee from South America. They give huge focus to sustainability, working primarily with small-holder farmers to provide full transparency and traceability from the farm-gate to the roastery door, ensuring a fair game for all.

Omwani - sourcing coffee from East Africa, Omwani focus on building relationships with farmers and processors at origin, supporting local initiatives over large charities to create real economic impact.

Volcafe - source coffee from smallholders, cooperatives and estates worldwide. They focus on farm profitability, believing that when producers' incomes improve, they’re encouraged to improve farm practices, increase productivity, deliver higher quality coffee and continue farming.

So, long story short, you can buy our coffee with a clear eco-conscience.