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Wood St Coffee ROASTERS

Our Story

Wood St Coffee Roasters is an independent specialty coffee roastery. We pride ourselves on producing REALLY GOOD COFFEE ethically sourced through a partnership of importers working directly with farmers, and roasted with care in small batches to bring out the best from each process, varietal and region.

To help you get the most out of your coffee, we provide the tools, knowledge and training to brew each coffee to its full potential whether at work, home, or on the go.


Bringing REALLY GOOD COFFEE to Walthamstow since 2014, owners Clare and Gareth Reid started out as a weekly coffee stall at Wood Street Indoor Market in Walthamstow (hence the name, ‘Wood St Coffee’). After several pop ups and temporary locations, they found home at Blackhorse Workshop in Walthamstow’s Blackhorse Road.

After 8 years, ownership of the café was handed over to Blackhorse Workshop in 2022. Wood St Coffee Roasters continues to supply coffee to the café and maintain strong relationships with the team and community there.


In 2015, Gareth met Tim Choi through a mutual friend. Tim had begun his roasting career at Modern Standard, moving on to Caravan and Grind, before eventually switching to green coffee sales and logistics for Caravela. With a shared enthusiasm for specialty coffee, the pair joined forces and began roasting together in 2018.

The combination of Tim’s roasting and green coffee experience, combined with Gareth’s know-how in running a café business made for swift growth and, after initially roasting just enough to supply the Wood St Coffee café and some retail, they soon had requests for wholesale customers.


Sustainably Sourced

1. Grown in regions with specific climates and altitudes and farmed sustainably by expert growers in small (usually independent) plantations so that farmers can continue to provide a high quality crop year after year and expect a fair price for it.

2. Traceable so customers know exactly where their coffee has come from – roasters often select coffee beans by travelling to meet the farmers in person.

Harvested Responsibly

3. Harvested at the peak of the coffee cherry’s ripeness; they’re sorted to remove insects, small stones and other defects before being washed or dried to remove the seed (coffee bean) from the fruit (coffee cherry).

Roasted With Care

4. Beans are roasted lightly using temperature and time to bring out all of the flavours in the bean. They’re closely monitored during the roasting process with scientific principles applied to ensure the highest standards of quality and flavour.

Brewed With Precision

5. Prepared by an experienced barista who uses coffee, water, time and pressure according to a set ratio or 'recipe' to extract the full flavour of the coffee.