Home Espresso - Barista Basics

Home Espresso - Barista Basics

Learn how to dial in your home espresso machine and pour silky flat whites at home - from espresso theory to steaming milk and basic latte art.

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We cover:

Water filtration

Dialing in new coffees

Grinder adjustment

Espresso theory

Steaming milk

Basic latte art

Machine cleaning

Price includes a 250g bag of our House Espresso to take home.

Founder, Gareth Reid, says: “A lot of people don’t realise that coffee has a different flavour profile depending on where it’s grown and how it’s brewed. A lot like wine, certain coffees carry different characteristics depending on the variety of the coffee plant, where in the world it is grown and how it is processed after it’s picked.

“With more working from home in recent years, a lot of people have invested in their own coffee equipment and are crying out for the knowledge and training to get professional barista standard results from the comfort of their own kitchen. Our ‘barista basics’ class is designed to do just that.”