How to make good coffee with terrible equipment

How to make good coffee with terrible equipment

If you’re heading to friends or family over the festive season and aren't confident about the coffee kit they’ll have to hand, here are a few tips to make the best of it:

Take your own. If you’re content to fend for yourself then you can’t go far wrong packing a hand grinder and aeropress. Most households will have scales of some kind, and the water quality is generally higher outside of London (or they might have a Brita filter jug) so, in a bind, this should do the trick.

Order coffee ground for a french Press/cafetiere. Our Christmas Coffee is an omni roast, which means it tastes delightful whichever brewing method you use. The old fashioned cafetiere can be found in most households and, by following our brew guide, you should be able to create something tasty. Order by 17th December for delivery in time for Xmas.

Take your own cleaning equipment. If your family has an ancient batch brew machine, chances are it hasn’t been cleaned in a while. Bring your own universal coffee machine cleaning tablets and run them through the machine before use. Clean equipment, together with great coffee, filtered water and the right recipe will see you right.

    Good luck!