Women's Bulessa - Ethiopia

PRODUCER: Tizita Bizuneh
REGION: Sidamo
VARIETIES: Heirloom, Grade 2
ALTITUDE: 1650 - 1850 MASL
NOTES: Dried Apricot, Vanilla & Dark Chocolate
We're very excited to bring you this fantastic coffee from the Bulessa Washing Station in Sidamo, Ethiopia. It's been a while since we've showcased a washed Ethiopian, and this one is very special.
Tizita Bizuneh, who runs the washing station, employs a team of 15 full time female workers. She started the project with the goal of empowering women working in coffee. The scheme now provides educational and agricultural workshops for children and women across the community.
In the cup, expect moreish dried apricot with a delicious vanilla sweetness and dark chocolate finish. We couldn't be prouder to showcase the wonderful work of the Bulessa women!

At Kamba, we work with ~10 of Israel's dry mills and washing stations in Ethiopia. The Bulessa Washing station in the Sidamo region of Ethiopia is a project we have supported since our inception in 2018. Run by Tizita Bizuneh and managed by a team of 15 full time female workers, the team can reach 150 people during harvest season.

Tizita started this project with the goal of empowering women in coffee production and promoting those interested to help with management of the station. As well as the station being managed and operated by women, the coffee that is processed at the Bulessa washing station is farmed by majority female smallholder farmers in the local area. As it has evolved, the project has developed and started providing educational and agricultural workshops for children and women across the community.

The work of Israel and Kerchanshe stretches beyond coffee; most notably in the form of Buna Kela Charity. Buna Kela is a local, non-political, non-religious and not-for profit civil society organisation. Since its inception in 2017, Kerchanshe has donated 10% of all profits from the export business into the organisation. Buna Kela also receives support from a network of private donors and roaster partners from around the world.

The Buna Kela mission statement is to 'contribute to the farming communities they work with and improve the livelihoods of these communities through improved productivity, product quality, social welfare, and income'. These goals are achieved through a plethora of different projects. To date, Buna Kela has invested in ground water, built nurseries and primary schools, invested in healthcare services, improved access infrastructure, and supported coffee producers and their practices to increase productivity.

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