FARM: Grown by URC Thulasi Estate, processed by Ekata Earth

REGION: Tamil Nadu


VARIETIES: Chandragiri, Arabica SLN 795

ALTITUDE: 1100-1300 MASL

HARVEST PERIOD: November to February

NOTES: Dark chocolate, prune, hazelnuts

2023 is turning out to be a real year of firsts for us at Wood St. After our first ever release from DR Congo, sandwiched by our first couple of Brazilian filter roasts, we now bring you our inaugural Indian coffee. Imported by our friends at Indochina, Palani Hills is full of dark chocolate and dried fruitA chewy, prune like sweetness is complimented by warming hazelnuts. We couldn't be more excited to showcase the best of Indian specialty coffee.


URC Thulasi Estate is located in the Palani Hills near Thandikudi coffee research station. It starts from the Pullaveli river at 850 MASL and goes all the way up to Solaikadu at an elevation of 1280 MASL. The plantation has a diversity of trees and plants including jack trees, silver oak, pepper, avocado, cardamon, pineapple, and a variety of citrus plants. Working with the plantation, our origin partners Ekata have identified certain ‘blocks’ on the estate where they assessed trees being grown there to have the greatest early potential for quality improvements for specialty coffee production.

Indochina are a small family business working directly with farmers and producers in Asia to bring their specialty coffee to roasters in the UK and Europe. Back in 2015, having moved to Bangkok for work, we were fortunate enough to enjoy delicious specialty coffees from the surrounding region. The quality of the coffee, coupled with the skill and dedication of the growing communities, made a lasting impression. On our return to London, we couldn’t find these origins being offered anywhere – this spurred us into creating Indochina. We’re now an established, independent importer dedicated exclusively to Asian origins. Since our inception, we’ve built solid relationships with farmers, producers and roasters, and we’re working together towards a more transparent and sustainable future for coffee. Indochina Coffee is all about forging long term, mutually respectful relationships with Asian coffee producers and farmers. Much of the wealth derived from coffee does not benefit the indigenous people who actually grow it. We’re committed to working with like-minded partners to help make that change. We believe that responsibly traded specialty coffee has the potential to genuinely improve the lives of farmers, while providing roasters and coffee drinkers with some of the world’s most interesting coffees. Our partners at origin are dedicated to improving quality with an appetite for innovation and experimentation in processing. Despite being relatively new to producing specialty coffee, their meticulous attention to detail and deep respect for the land results in superior quality coffees that manifest the best attributes of the region.

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