PRODUCER: Nola Wonga Farmers Group

REGION: Wolowio village, Bajawa, Flores, East Nusa Tenggara



ALTITUDE: 1300 - 1600 MASL

NOTES: Strawberry, elderflower, sloe gin

Our first adventure into Indonesian coffee, this washed lot from the Nola Wonga farmers group is sweet and clean. In the cup, we're tasting cooked strawberries and sloe gin.

Historically, coffee in Indonesia (particularly Sumatra) is wet hulled, where parchment is removed from the beans while they still have a high moisture content, resulting in as unique flavour profile. Our lot is processed in a more traditional washed method, where the cherries are placed in water, floaters removed, and then pulped and fermented in concrete tanks before washing. This highlights the fresh, clean and complex coffees which Flores is known for.

As ever, thank you to IndoChina, our friends and importers, for working on this one.

Nola Wonga farmers group was created in 2014 by Mr Felix Soba in order to preserve the cultivation of Bajawa's renowned organic Arabica coffee. A number of coffee farmers have converted their plants to more profitable short term crops, such as cabbages, cucumbers and mustard greens, leading to a shrinking of the coffee plantation area.

Mr Soba acts as a patron to the farmers of Nola Wonga as well as other farmers groups. He provides financial support, distributing free seedlings and teaching them how to continue growing coffee alongside horticultural crops, rather than as a replacement.

The success of this work has seen the profits from coffee cultivation increase exponentially, with increasing demand for these coffees creating more job opportunities for local people. Facilitating the transfer of knowledge in the processing of specialty coffee has a long term positive impact on Nola Wonga farmers group and the biodiversity and productivity of their plantations.

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