VARIETAL: Pink Bourbon
PRODUCER: Jose Manuel Cantillo
REGION: Suaza, Huila
PROCESSING: Cherry rest, fermented with water for 36 hours in tanks and fully washed
DRYING METHOD: Dried on raised beds
HARVEST: May - July, September- December
ALTITUDE: 1750 masl
TASTING NOTES: Fizzy Peach Rings!
Love struck this Valentine's? We've got the coffee for you! Happily single? Give it a try! Sad and lonely? Go on, get a mug down ya.
This Valentine's we couldn't be more in love with Jose and his Pink Bourbon. One of our fave coffees last year, we couldn't wait to get it in again. And this time in a tin with a beautiful label by Max Wyld. Give that special someone (that includes yourself ;) the best Valentine's present out there- a cup of hot, sweet, peachy love.
Big thanks to Max for the stunning label, and also coming up with the name Love Struck! And a big kiss to our importing partners Caravela, who are doing amazing work sourcing coffees from all over South and Central America. Read on for more from them.
Spanning between the Andes Mountains and the Nevado del Huila volcano, is the vereda El Divino Niño in Suaza. This vereda should probably be called “Los Cantillo” instead, because it is home to the entire Cantillo Family. Isaias Cantillo, Jose Manuel’s father, used to work as a coffee picker. He moved from farm to farm, migrating from mountain to mountain through the departments of Huila, Tolima, and Risaralda. When he met Nidia, his wife, he decided it was time for him to settle down and so found and purchased a piece of land in Suaza, which he named La Esperanza. Jose Manuel was born and raised surrounded by coffee trees and from a young age, he knew that he wanted to continue with his father’s legacy. Even though Jose Manuel has been involved with coffee his entire life, it wasn’t until 2003 that he decided to produce coffee on the piece of land that that his father gave him. This piece of land has slowly grown into his own farm, the same being true for each one of Jose Manuel’s brothers. They are a perfect example of a family business, they all help each other out and work together toward the same objective: to producing high quality coffee. Jose Manuel doesn’t only work on his own farm, Filo del Oso, he also helps his father and his brothers with the production. He is proud of his family because thanks to their work in coffee, they have been able to move forward and generate employment in the region. Over the years, Jose Manuel has learned to cup coffee and differentiate different quality grades. For this reason, he is motivated to improve his processes to achieve excellent quality. For him, the secret to success is to do things with love and dedication.

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