REGION: San Agustín, Hulia
PROCESS: Washed 
VARIETIES: Caturra, colombia & castillo
ALTITUDE: 1300 - 2100 MASL
NOTES: Orange blossom & dark chocolate
The most orangey of orange coffees is here, and we are in. to. it! This washed community lot from San Agustin in Huila reminds us of perfumed orange blossom, complimented by dark chocolate. Smooth and sweet, this really is an every day drinking delight. 
In 2006 the brand Los Naranjos was created with the coffee of some producers in San Agustin known as Llanada Naranjos. The intention was to showcase their quality and get them known, and now the number of producers who deliver coffee to Los Naranjos has increased substantially, with an improvement in the quality of the coffee and the farms seen over time. 

In the south of the department of Huila, we find the municipality of San Agustin, a place known for its agriculture and archeological park with an important tourism industry. It’s an area near the famous Colombian Massif where some of the most important rivers of Colombia are born such as the Cauca and Magdalena River. This proximity to the Colombian Massif is a main factor for the richness and fertility of the soil in San Agustin having volcanic ash and rich in hydric sources. One important factor for the economy of this area is agriculture with crops such as sugar cane, avocado and coffee, with the latter gaining notoriety in the last decade, where high quality coffee is found. One last important factor to note about San Agustin, is the heritage of Pre-Columbian cultures of which there is an archeological park, declared Word Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1995.

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