PRODUCER: Elmer Mego

REGION: Santo Tomas, Cutervo




NOTES: Caramel, Clementine and Malt

Building on the success of our first Guest Espresso from Guatemala, we're back with a delicious coffee from the Cutervo area of Cajamaca in Peru. Rich caramel compliments a delicate clementine acidity, backed up with a yummy maltiness that we've come to love from Peruvian coffees. 

A little brighter and a touch bolder than our House Espresso, this washed catuai from Elmer Mego has been roasted specifically for those who prefer their espresso without milk.

Also great as a punchy filter coffee, we can't wait for you to get stuck in to this fantastic coffee. Find out more about Elmer's coffee below-someone who, excitingly, our importer partners have just begun working with. 


This is a new Falcon Coffees Peru lot for 2022. We visited producer Elmer Mego for the first time during the summer on his farm, which is located around 5 hours drive from our warehouse in Jaen into the Santo Tomas, Cutervo area of Cajamaca and close to Peru's first national park, Park de Cutervo. Elmer bought his farm in 2005 and planted coffee for the first time in 2007. As of 2022 the farm is thriving with a range of varietals including catuai, pacamara, bourbon, catimor and caturra. Elmer runs the farm with his family and has 4 children; 2 sons and 2 daughters. His daughter Veronica is already showing enthusiasm for running her dad's business in the years to come. The washed lot is fermented for 3 days in bags and then sun dried for a period of 15 days due to the cooler than average micro-climate of the area. We are excited to bring Elmer into our network of Falcon Peru farmers for the first time for the 2022 season. Previously he had not sold to Falcon due to the long distance from our operation and the high cost of transport, but this year with the help of technical manager Jhoseari we were able to connect with him and buy from this location. Elmer has also been active in supporting other producer in his area and formed a small association of 22 neighbouring farmers which is helping reach market. This year we have formed a pricing model to stabilise the income Elmer will receive for the coffee that is delivered to us and ensure we have a beneficial supply chain for Elmer's coffees.

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