Damo Village - Ethiopia

REGION: Damo Village, Bensa, Sidamo
VARIETIES: 74110, 74112 & 74158
ALTITUDE: 1860-2160 MASL
NOTES: Nectarine, Herbal Tea

Interesting, complex herbals and a mellow stone fruit acidity combine in this stand out lot from the Damo Station in Sidama, Ethiopia. One of our favourite subscription exclusives last year, we're very excited to share this coffee with a wider audience.

The Damo Station invests in the local community through various initiatives. Last year the exporter built 5 rural schools in the surrounding villages, offering processing education for youth and distributing coffee seedlings to farmers.


Nestled on the fertile slopes of the towering Shanta Golba mountain in the heart of Ethiopia's renowned coffee region, the Damo Station was founded with the goal of processing the highest quality lots from the area. For generations, the local Sidama people have cultivated these verdant hills, producing complex coffees acclaimed for their bright, fruity notes and syrupy body. The Damo Station works closely with local farmers, providing a reliable market for their harvest. During the labour-intensive coffee picking seasons from December to February, the station employs over 100 people, bringing much-needed income to the community. They pay farmers 20-30% above average prices, recognising the value of their hard work and premium coffee cherries.

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