Viani - Colombia

REGION: Antioquia
VARIETIES: Castillo, Colombia, Pink Bourbon, Tabi
ALTITUDE: 1700-2100 MASL
HARVEST: April-May, October-November
NOTES: Berries, brown sugar, juicy!
Another juicy Colombian brew, this coffee was sourced in partnership with our friends at DR Wakefield. Over 400 small farm holders contribute to Viani, coming from 5 municipalities and delivered to 3 collection points. We're tasting lots of juicy black and red berries, backed up with a delicious brown sugar sweetness.

Coffee for Viani is collected in 3 stations, but around 70% comes from Mr Joseel, not too far from Quipile, the birth place of Racafe (coffee exporters). Cherry is either processed on the farm or can be brought in wet too if the quality is right, and dried in a guardiola on site. This tends to fall in to the pattern of cherry being picked on a Monday or Tuesday and being depulped by the end of the day, then fermented for 48 hours. Once a good volume has been collected (between 10,000 and 13,000kg) a truck takes the load to Bogota and the dry mill there, where extra sorting and two levels of cupping occur before bagging and export to us. Joseel has been collecting for over 20 years for Racafe, and only sells to them; the truck driver is the only one he uses too, and has been working with them for just as long.

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