REGION: Sul de Minas, Minas Gerais

PROCESS: Natural

VARIETIES: Catuaí & Mundo Novo


CROP PERIOD: May - August

NOTES: Chocolate, Hazelnuts, Citrus Fruits

with milk - Nougat, Chocolate Marshmallow

We're excited to bring you the next iteration of our seasonal 'House Espresso'. Another classic Brazilian, this regional lot from Sul de Minas has all the chocolate and nutty notes we love in coffees from this area. As an espresso we are getting creamy milk chocolate, hazelnuts and a pleasant orange acidity. With milk-pure marshmallow and nougat goodness! A comforting, more-ish coffee that's set to be a crowd pleaser all year round.

Thanks to our importer friends over at Volcafe Select, we've managed to secure a whole container (that's right, over 19 tonnes of coffee!). This is by far the largest volume of a single coffee we've bought, and provides us with an even more reliable and consistent house coffee. Split into two shipments to ensure we're getting the freshest harvest, we can't wait for you to enjoy the backbone of our offering here at WoodSt.

Our House Espresso is the foundation of our coffee range and works great with milk-based or black drinks. It has been developed to make brewing easy for anyone who loves coffee, from beginner to barista.

Read on for more information from our importer partners, Volcafe Select.


Sul de Minas is the southern part of Minas Gerais, the largest coffee-growing region in Brazil. Sul de Minas is mainly known for the production of speciality coffee. The region lies at an average altitude of 950 m and has a mild annual temperature of about 22 degrees Celsius. About 30 % of the country’s coffee is grown here, mostly on small farms of 10 to 100 hectares. The main varieties are Catuaí, Mundo Novo, Icatu, Obatã and Catuaí Rubi.

Established in 1956, Volcafe Brazil works with over 600 farmers, each with an average of 8 hectares of land producing 1.3 million bags of coffee per year. These farmers send their coffees to be warehoused to mitigate risk ahead of sending samples to the Volcafe Lab in Patrocinio. The lab in Patrocinio employs 5 Q-graders who receive the samples, evaluate them and purchase the lots from the farmers, the lots are then sent to the Volcafe warehouse situated in the heart of Sul de Minas, Varginha within 7 days of purchase. The warehouse sorts the lots by screen size and removes defects ahead of the coffee being prepared for export either to the dry port in Varginha or to the port in Santos. There’s a constant supply of coffee coming to the Varginha warehouse throughout the season which can store up to 80 thousand bags of coffee.

These farmers are a part of Volcafe Way, a unique, responsible sourcing strategy focused on generating profitable sustainability to farmers, support on social and environmental challenges and a focus on data and best practices for measurable results that clients can monitor and verify.

Our seasonal espresso is roasted darker to achieve a balanced and accessible flavour profile that works for all brew methods. This is our best-selling coffee so if you’re unsure what to try first, we’d recommend starting here.

To get the best from your coffee please take a look at our brew guides HERE

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