Nesru Aba Nura - Ethiopia

PRODUCER: Nesru Aba Nura
LOCATION: Kota Kebele, Gomma District, Agaro Woreda, Jimma Zone, Oromia Region
PROCESS: Natural
ALTITUDE: 1950 - 2000 MASL

NOTES: Caramel, citrus, cherry

We're proud to produce this subscription exclusive from Nesru Aba Nura. We first bought Nesru's coffee in 2022, and we're glad to be championing this fantastic female producer again. Full of citrus and cherries, this pleasingly sweet and clean natural is a delight!


Since year one of working in Ethiopia, Osito has endeavored to cultivate sincere relationships with single producers when and where possible. For the past four seasons we have purchased coffee from Mensur Abahika, a stalwart and quality focused farmer located near Agaro town in Jimma. When we learned this year that his wife, Nesru Aba Nura, would have her own export license and plot of land starting this harvest season, we were over the moon.

With the increased demand that the last year has brought Osito, we have been so pleased to funnel that demand into the Tokuma group, a collection of farmers to which both Nesru and her husband belong. By doing this we are pursuing our ideal of going deeper into current producing partners, rather than wider.

Nesru's 9 hectare farm is located in the Kota Kebele of Jimma. Her coffees come from a staggering 1,950- 2,000 masl and are dried on raised beds for an average of 21 days. We are so pleased to be working with Nesru. The lots we purchased from her this year were incredibly clean, yet representative of many flavors prized by lovers of naturally processed coffees - most notably grape and baking spices.

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