PRODUCER: Salaverria family

REGION: Santa Ana

PROCESS: Natural

VARIETIES: Mixed (Icatu, Bourbon & Timor)

ALTITUDE: 1300 - 1800 MASL

SIZE: 28 hectares

HARVEST: December - March

NOTES: Blackberry, Cherry, Rum

Our first coffee from the Salaverria family in Santa Ana, this natural lot is dense with dark fruits like blackberry and cherry. Sweet and chewy, with a whisper of booze on the finish. It's rare we showcase naturals from El Salvador, so we hope you enjoy exploring this new profile with us.

Los Nogales is an incredibly beautiful plot of land, kept in immaculate condition and dominated by steep, sloping vistas. The farm covers 28 hectares, divided into 3 different plots: El Roble, Capulin and Miramar. All coffees from the farm are separated by variety and process to ensure complete traceability and the highest quality.


Los Nogales is a very special farm for JASAL as it was the first farm that the Salaverria family bought and it is where Jose Antonio Salaverria grew up, surrounded by the fruits of the farm. He still manages all the farm operations now, with Orlando Garcia the specific manager for Los Nogales itself. Los Nogales translates into English as walnut tree, one of the crops that grew there. The farm is exclusive to DRW, a privilege afforded only to us, and we share the expertise of the Salaverrias to create new, fun and experimental lots. The farm is split in to three named plots, El Roble, with mainly HSF, Bourbon and Caturra; El Capulin stretching up the steep sloping vistas with Yellow Icatu and Red Catuai, and Miramar at the top of the farm which is mostly HSF too.

Cherry is processed at their centralised processing mill, Beneficio Los Cruces. A building over 100 years old and described as an ‘antique house’ forms the central part of the mill, with researchers claiming Che Guevara hid there on his journey through Latin America. It handles processing for all the Jasal farms. Jose Antonio’s son Andres is in General Manager of the mill and has kept up with quality investments. 2022 continued that trend with a new colour sorter being installed and two new guardiolas being added, for the commercial coffees. They also have patios, raised beds and mechanical driers, as well as the ability to make anaerobics. Having a centralised mill means focussed staff can pay attention to quality on the farms as well as cherry coming in, process consistency and final cup profile.

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