REGION: Inzá, Cauca
VARIETIES: Typica & Caturra
ALTITUDE: 1700-2000 MASL
NOTES: Red Apple, Marzipan, Currants
Back for another year, this juicy Colombian community lot from Inzá is a real crowd pleaser. Crisp red apple, yummy dried currants and a sweet marzipan finish keep us coming back for more. We're proud to be buying this coffee again, supporting over 300 small-scale coffee growers with farms no bigger than 2 hectares. Caravela, our importing partners, have been working with coffee producers in this region since 2003, seeing first hand the impact that's had on the lives of hundreds of families and communities. It's stories like these that keep us excited about specialty coffee! Read on to learn more about this fantastic coffee.

Inzá is a municipality located in a sacred valley that sits below the elevated mountains that separate Huila and Cauca. More than 14 centuries of history and tradition of native indigenous tribes make Inzá ones of Colombia’s richest archaeological treasures, home to the archeological park of Tierradentro. These indigenous cultures chose Inzá as their home because it is a place where many rivers converge, making this territory a fertile and magical place.

Although Inzá is located remotely, it is definitely a place worth visiting. This region haethnic diversity, an amazing artisanal culture, stunning views, and of course, one oColombias best coffees. Coffee growers in this area used to sell their coffee to intermediaries, who then blended it and sold it as "Coffee from Huila". In 2003, Caravela started buying coffee directly from a group of small but passionate coffee producers from the region. It was then sold as single origin to roasters around the world, with full transparency and traceability. For us, coffees from Inzá are special because of the long-standing relationships that we have forged and the impact that these have generated on the lives of hundreds of families and on communities once forgotten.

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