CROP YEAR: 2022/23

REGION: Cerrado

PROCESS: Natural


ALTITUDE: 1000-1050 MASL

NOTES: Pear & Macadamia with a smooth mouthfeel

Kaizen, the farm where this coffee is grown, means 'continuos improvement'. That's our goal at the roastery too, and this coffee represents our first ever Brazil roasted for filter. In the cup we're getting lots of macadamia nut,  fruity notes of pear and quince jelly, with a delicious silky smooth mouthfeel. Something new for us, as we look to showcase just a small part of the huge diversity in Brazilian coffee. George, our Head Roaster, experienced that first hand last year when he went on a trip with our importing partners Kamba. As very little coffee from other origins is imported in to Brazil, Brazilians really get to know the regional nuances and range of flavours found in their own country.


The Kaizen concept values the permanent search for improvement and simplicity, whether in the personal, family, social or work aspects. Marcelo Lima Verde, born in Patos de Minas, worked as an electrical engineer at ITA, with a professional life built in São Paulo and Uberlândia with his wife Sueli de Castro Bernardes, a psychiatrist. With the Kaizen concept in mind, they renamed the Fazenda Colônia Agrícola, received from Marcelo's parents, to Fazenda Kaizen.

In 2012 they begun the irrigated replanting of dry coffee crops originally planted by his paternal grandfather in the 70s, one of the pioneers in coffee culture in the Alto Paranaíba region. The focus of Fazenda Kaizen is the production of specialty coffees combined with conscious and technically well- oriented management, with the best practices for achieving environmental and economic sustainability with respect and attention to its team of employees and to the local community.

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