PRODUCER: Isaul Regalado

REGION: El Diamante, San José de Lourdes District, San Ignacio Province, Peru


VARIETIES: Red & yellow bourbon

ALTITUDE: 1700 - 1900 MASL

NOTES: Milk chocolate & blueberry
This delicious subscription exclusive comes from our friends at Conscious Coffee who source coffee directly from individual producers, families, small community projects in Peru and Bolivia. We couldn't be happier to work with Culainn and Lea, who aim to be an agent for progress through being conscious in every step of sourcing coffee. 
This washed lot bursts with chewy berries and milk chocolate, a stunning example of the quality Peru has to offer.

This exclusive lot comes from Isaul Regalado from the town of El Diamante. The coffee underwent a washed process - Isaul fermented the coffee cherries in plastic sacks for 24-48 hours then washed and laid them on raised beds in tents to dry for 15-20 days. The result is a sweet and vibrant profile, bursting with wild berry and milk chocolate notes. Isaul Regalado has been working within a local support system set up by Orlando Flores (the brother of another of our producer partners, Raul Flores) and our export partners, Collective Bean. The system aims to support producers in the village of El Diamante to improve the quality and yield of their coffee, and connect them to a stable international marketplace.

Collective Bean makes an initial payment to Isaul for his parchment coffee at an agreed price (providing him with a prompt and reliable return on his work). Together, they then cup and score samples of his coffee in order to determine which batches of coffee can be consolidated, based on their quality and profile. They then agree on the second payment, based on the coffee quality, thereby increasing Isaul's profits. As part of this process, Collective Bean also provide training and practical advice to Isaul on how he can continue to improve his farming practices and post-harvest production processes, in order to improve both coffee quality and yield.

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