REGION: Pocos de Caldas, Minas Gerais

PROCESS: Natural

VARIETIES: Catuaí & Mundo Novo

ALTITUDE: 1100 - 1300 MASL

CROP PERIOD: May - August

NOTES: Milk chocolate, marzipan, stone fruits

A fresh regional lot from Brazil continues to anchor our coffee range. Full of chocolate and nuts with a sweet stone fruit acidity, this is an all day, every day crowdpleaser. Perfectly roasted for milky drinks, Pocos de Caldas also packs a punch as an espresso or long black. George was lucky enough to visit Pocos de Caldas in 2022 during a coffee trip in Minas Gerais. It's a stunning area known for therapeutic hot springs, Murano-style glassware and coffee farms.

We think our 'house' coffee should be super accessible, versatile and easy to brew. To acheive this, we develop the roast a little more. This ensures the coffee's flavour cuts through milk, is easily extracted and a pleasure to work with. Most importantly, it tastes great!

We've teamed up with our friends at DRWakefield, who partner with the producer SMC in Brazil. Founded in 2009, SMC Comercial e Exportadora de Café was established to cater towards the ever growing demands of the speciality coffee market. They supply fine, speciality and certified coffees of distinction. They have their own warehouse with laser colour sorters, microlot tagging and cupping facilities. Bags of coffee are microchipped to ensure full traceability. The forklifts they use will physically not work if the code they read is not the code they should be picking up!

More from our importer partners, DRWakefield...

Pocos De Caldas is a city in Minas Gerais, bordering Sao Paulo, surrounded by many coffee farms. Famous for its hot springs there are numerous hills and lower altitude mountains in the area bringing their own unique character to the coffees produced. The area in general is known for its Murano-style glassware and artisan soap production due to the trace minerals found in the area. Farms are a mix of small and large producers. Cherry is first collected with both machine and hand picking, as slopes on the hills mean it is inaccessible for the mechanical pickers. Processed at farm level, this includes initial drying as in every other country, but also dry milling. Beans are then stored in large wooden silos to allow the moisture to homogenise through the lot. This is controlled by size but is otherwise very effective at producing even lots. Once this stage is completed the beans are cupped, scored, and sent to the warehouse facility for SMC. Here the coffee is stored in RFID tagged lots, which disable the forklift if the designated lot is not scheduled to be moved, guaranteeing the quality received is the quality chosen. Coffees are cupped and selected to profile before undergoing a further cleaning and colour/laser sorting before being bagged for export.

Our seasonal espresso is roasted darker to achieve a balanced and accessible flavour profile that works for all brew methods. This is our best-selling coffee so if you’re unsure what to try first, we’d recommend starting here.

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