Horizontina - Brazil

REGION: Cerrado

PROCESS: Natural

VARIETIES: Catuai 144

ALTITUDE: 980 - 1139 MASL

PRODUCER: Fernando Nogues Beloni

NOTES: Stone Fruits and Nutty

You're in for a treat with yet another delicious coffee from the Cerrado region of Brazil. Our Head of Coffee, George, had the chance to meet Fernando Beloni last year. Fernando is a pioneer of Brazilian, and global coffee farming, as his farm is the first ever regenerative coffee farm in the world! His family were originally potato farmers- yet potato farmers in Brazil are constantly on the move in search of un-farmed soil that is healthy enough to grow more potatoes. This constant upheaval led Fernando's family to change tac and start growing coffee, alongside an interest in soil health and regenerative farming.

This is a delicate, surprising coffee-full of stone fruits like apricots and peaches, with comforting nuttiness.


Fernando Beloni represents the third generation of Agrobeloni. Their coffee culture is recent, beginning in 2009, but already it reveals a great passion for the brothers Fernando, Carmelo and Adriana. The socio- environmental concern and the constant search for producing better and better coffees are characteristic of the Beloni family. Quality for them results in a lot of work, dedication and passion for cultivating the land.

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