PRODUCER: Narcisa Salucio Lopez

FARM: Buena Vista, 1.1 Hectares

REGION: Aldea Com, Concepcion Huista, Huehuetenango


VARIETIES: Caturra & Bourbon


ALTITUDE: 1600 - 1700 MASL

NOTES: Apricot, Caramel & Chamomile

Next up on Guest Espresso is this delicious washed lot from Narcisa Salucio. Her coffee pops with tangy apricot, complimented by a rich caramel body and complex floral finish. Making for a refined espresso, we can't wait for you to get stuck in!


Narcisa is a second generation coffee farmer who lives with her children in Aldea Com. The land was left to her by her parents - though it was not suitably cared for to be a coffee farm at first. Narcisa and her husband worked to make it suitable for coffee and planted new coffee plants in order to grow high-quality coffee to support the family.

“Producing high quality coffee is relatively new for us, but because of the high costs of production, it’s the best option for us today. We hope to keep up the great quality every year.”

She is part of Jovemcafe, a producer organization that supports female producers in Com as well as conducts other activities, including savings and loan services and other development projects. Jovemcafe created a project supported by Primavera and The Chain Collaborative (TCC). Through TCC’s Community-Led Development Incubator, Jovemcafe has organized a two part project. First, they started a henhouse for egg-laying hens, so that the group can earn additional income by selling eggs. Second, they are creating a nursery for forest trees, as well as fruit and wood trees, to sell throughout the local community. They will also harvest the manure from the hens to use as organic fertilizer for the nursery.

The coffee is harvested in the morning, and is moved to the depulper within about 6 hours or less of being harvested. Once the coffee is depulped, it is submerged in a minimal quantity of water and undergoes a long and slow fermentation of 32 hours. Once the fermentation is complete, the family washes it thoroughly and places it on the patio. The coffee is patio dried for about 7 hours a day, for 6 days. Once it is fully dried, the parchment coffee is placed in clean sacks until they are ready to be delivered to our warehouse in nearby San Antonio Huista. 

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