PRODUCERS: Small-scale female farmers
REGION: Malvarisco & Tierra Blanca, Oaxaca
PROCESS: Fully washed
VARIETIES: Pluma Hidalgo (typica)
HARVEST: December to March
NOTES: Orange, honey, gingerbread
We tried this coffee at our International Women's Day Slurp Club, and immediately fell in love. So much so that we managed to get Caravela, our importing partners, to secure 4 bags just for us! Sweet citrus and honey combine with warming baking spices, creating a comforting cup. It's an approachable, sessionable coffee- one we'll be enjoying as summer slowly changes to autumn.
Disthe means 'women of progress' in Mexican, and these female producers are part of a new mindset that is helping change perceptions in Mexico. We're extremely proud to be supporting this project, and roasting their delicious coffee. Read on for more...

In the highlands of Mexico, surrounding breathtaking mountains and hidden in the coffee lands, a superb group of women producers is thriving, growing and changing the participation of women across indigenous communities in the municipality of Malvarisco and Tierra Blanca in the state of Oaxaca. These women are the leaders in charge all processes at the farm. In Mexico, the word Disthe means “mujeres del progreso” or women of progress. Undoubtedly, these amazing women embody and present a new mindset that is changing women history in the country. Yet, these women do not work alone, over the years they have involved their daughters and other family members, sharing their life’s work and coffee knowledge.

The coffee farmers who contribute to the El Disthe Limited-Edition coffee own less than one hectare of farmland where they grow the variety Pluma Hidalgo, a typica progeny first cultivated and introduced in 1854 in the country. This coffee is selectively picked and pulped with upmost care at each producer ́s micro-mill, fermented on average for 35 hours or depending on weather patterns. Later, the coffee is transferred to raised beds or straw mats to dry on average for 12 days.

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