Bani Al Nahimie - Christmas Special

Our first ever Christmas Special! Our first ever Yemen! You've gotta get your hands on this stunning jaadi from small holders in the Harazi region. Delicate, sweet rose and a complex, earthy booziness remind us of Turkish delight and mulled wine.

This Christmas, enjoy a cup from the birthplace of coffee. Yemen is known for being the first place to cultivate coffee after it was brought to the region in the 15th Century by Sufi Monks. There's only a very limited amount of this stunner, so get in there quick.

We've teamed up again with the incredible Lucie Sperry for our label design. Go check out her work at @luciesperrydesign


REGION: Bani Al Nahimie, Harazi, Yemen

PROCESSING: Anaerobic Natural

ALTITUDE: 1700-2100 MASL

TASTING NOTES: Turkish Delight & Mulled Wine


Traditionally farmers in Yemen work on small plots from 60 – 70 trees to 400 – 500 trees. The variety mainly is Jaadi /Udhini which is a large tree known for its good production. On average famers will produce around 1500kg of cherry which equates to about 3 bags of 60kg exportable coffee. Across all the farmers the average price paid for cherry was $2.47/kg of cherry for those who work with Mocha Mill. Famers mainly earn income from coffee but some also grow Qat (Khat) which has a strong legal internal market within Yemen. It is also chewed daily by 90% of the population.

As part of their focus they are placing sustainability at the center of their business practises. Yemen is a country facing drought and water shortages. Mocha Mill are implementing innovative irrigation and dry processing techniques to address water scarcity and reduce impact on the communities and their access to such a precious source. All the coffees once stable are then taken to the Mocha Mill warehouse in Sana’a where they are stored in ecotact and then cupped and assorted according to quality. From here they are then milled, colour sorted and then hand-picked before being bagged in 30kgs in preparation for export.

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