Iced Filter (V60)

Iced Filter (V60)

This iced filter recipe uses a V60, works with any coffee and makes 2 cups.

You will need

  • 32g Coffee
  • 200g Ice
  • 300g Water
  • Kettle
  • Scales
  • Spoon/stirrer
  • V60 02
  • Carafe or decanter


1) Weigh your coffee: you’re going to need 32g of coffee for 2 cups of iced coffee. Then grind your coffee on your usual V60 setting.

2) Weigh your ice: 200g and place in your decanter. Use filtered water for the ice cubes if possible to ensure the final taste is as good as can be.

3) Weigh/measure your water: 300ml/g at 90 degrees. As usual, use filtered water if possible.

4) Place your filter paper in your V60 and give it a rinse.

5) Place your decanter with ice on your scales, and the V60 on top. Add the ground coffee then tare your scales so they’re at 0.

6) Add 60g of water initially to create the ‘bloom’ (this releases any gasses from the coffee), leave to bubble away for 30-45 seconds.

7) Give everything a little swirl, then start adding the rest of your water slowly over the next 2-3 minutes.

8) Once all the water has drawn down, remove from the scales and give everything a good mix to cool it right through, your ice cubes should be very small now.

9) Serve in your favourite glass over more ice and enjoy.