The Chemex is a timeless classic; with its simple yet elegant style it is the perfect coffee table brewer. It is made of non-porous borosilicate glass, which will not absorb odors and is easily cleaned. The Chemex comes in varying styles, classic or hand blown, in sizes suitable for 3-6-8 and 10 cups of coffee with glass or wooden handles.

You will need

  • 6-8 CUP CHEMEX
  • 32g OF COFFEE
  • MUG


1) Weigh 32g of coffee using the scales, grind it to a reasonably coarse grind size; this should have the consistency of rough sand. Place the filter paper into the Chemex and pour freshly boiled water through the filter, this will get rid of the slight paper taste, and preheat the Chemex.

2) Without removing filter, discard the water from the Chemex. Add the ground coffee into the Chemex. The boiled water will have cooled down to the ideal temperature of 91-94°C. Place onto the scales, and tare.

3) Start the timer and slowly pour 50-70ml of water onto the coffee grinds; ensure all grinds are saturated, whilst trying to avoid pouring down the sides of the filter paper. The coffee grinds will start to “bloom” (increase in size); this is the trapped CO2 gas created during the roasting process departing.

4) Before the bloom dries out (roughly 30-40sec), start pouring the rest of the heated water. Apply the remaining water in a circular motion, tracking between the inside edge and centre of the Chemex. This should take around 1min 40sec to reach the total amount of water added (500g).

5) When the bed of coffee is dry, remove the filter paper from the Chemex and discard.
6) Give the Chemex a quick swirl to aerate the coffee before serving, and pour.